Our Number background decals are custom made to order.

Available for any year, make, size & also model bike.
From 1990’s all the way up to now.

The decals cover the 3 number panel areas of the bike.

Customize with your name, number, business logos, sponsors, & change the colours, Simply type your requests in the additional information area.

We have done a lot of colour option mockups  to give you an idea of how certain colour choices could look.
Once you have placed your order,
We will then work on your requests & send you a design proof on your bikes template to your email provided to check off before we print.

Un4seen Decals Creating your own identity & also protecting your plastics while you ride.

 Prices adjust depending on your bike size

50cc- 65cc- 70cc- 80cc- 110cc -$79.99

85cc 2stroke-150cc 4stroke -$99.99

125cc 2stroke -625cc -$139.99


(Subjects may vary depending on model chosen)
x1 Front Number Board Decal
x2 Side number Board Decals

Order your individual Husqvarna Number Backgrounds Rampt here

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Number Background Specifications

(Please make sure you choose your bike's correct size)



Number Plate And Side Board Decals

Number Plate back decal example
Number Plate front decal example
Number Plate example
Number Colour (click colour box to choose)
Number Background Colour (click colour box to choose)

Riders Name decal example
Riders logo decal example
Riders Name and logos example

Additional Information

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